12 Dumb Money Choices Before FI


If success is nothing but a series of failures, then financial independence is a trail littered with dumb financial decisions, and I’m here to confess that Mrs. R and I have made plenty of them. The truth is that most people who have any money, have also made money mistakes. Often it’s the mistakes that were the catalyst for change that eventually led someone to choose FI.  Here’s my confession booth list of stupid money choices we’ve made and survived.

My Top 12 Dumb Financial Decisions

  1. Automobile Lease
  2. Student Loans
  3. Carrying Credit Card Debt (minimum payment hell)
  4. Automobile Loan
  5. Paid to Get Out of a Cell Phone Contract
  6. Bally’s Gym Member (I’m that old)
  7. Department Store Credit Card Debt
  8. Bought Iraqi Dinar (I’m that gullible)
  9. Invested $1,000 in a Family Member’s Invention (bye bye $)
  10. Purchased Brand New Cars (plural)
  11. Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  12. Cashed Out My 401K (age 22 – so stupid!!!)

Let’s all try to forgive ourselves for having made dumb financial decisions. Then we can learn from our mistakes, and keep moving forward to FIRE!

What are your financial sins?  Feel free to confess (I won’t judge you, lest I be judged too).


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