12 Dumb Money Choices Before FI


If success is nothing but a series of failures, then financial independence is a trail littered with dumb financial decisions, and I’m here to confess that Mrs. R and I have made plenty of them. The truth is that most people who have any money, have also made money mistakes. Often it’s the mistakes that were the catalyst for change that eventually led someone to choose FI.  Here’s my confession booth list of stupid money choices we’ve made and survived. Continue reading “12 Dumb Money Choices Before FI”

7 Frugal Landscaping Ideas for the FI Community

Photo by Jake Givens. https://unsplash.com/jakegivens/portfolio

It’s springtime again and like many people we have been working in the yard, flowerbeds, and garden. Working around the house recently got me thinking about the many ways we have saved money over the years on landscaping and other items in the yard. We first started reducing our costs when our house was being built. Our builder helped us put a little more of the budget towards the house by letting us do some hard labor, like building site clean up. Mrs. R and I used to come over to the house on nights and weekends to sweep up construction dust and throw bricks, scraps of wood, and other random trash laying around the property into a big gooseneck trailer. We also did all of the landscaping. Here’s a list of money saving ideas in the yard we have used over the years.   Continue reading “7 Frugal Landscaping Ideas for the FI Community”